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Cat Calls Petsitting Service

Cat Calls Petsitting Service
Vancouver, BC

Service Area:
West of Main to UBC
False Creek
West End
Petsitting service Vancouver

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Who Are Cat Calls Petsitting Services?

Cat Calls Petsitting Service was formed in 2006 by Melanie Bailes-Barker.  Originally from Quebec, I made my way to Vancouver via London England (where I picked up husband Gary and a well-traveled Cornish Rex named Clo). 

We have been in Vancouver for a few years now and our family has grown with the addition of Norbert & Mamselle Frou Frou (both Canadian Devon Rexes),  Having spent a lifetime pandering to our purr balls, it made sense for us to start pandering to yours as well.

Cooking lessons with Gary!
Accomplished cat cuddler!